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Success Stories

Leroy O
Buckeye Medicaid Member

For Leroy, diabetes had gotten the best of him. Overweight, unmotivated and at 51-years-old, saddled with chronic knee pain, arthritis and type 2 diabetes, Leroy faced an uphill battle.

Buckeye connected Leroy to his care manager, Kristina, who encouraged him to make changes in his diet, like limiting portions and not eating meals late at night. Leroy decided to commit to the process and coaching. After one year, Leroy shed more than 105 pounds, dramatically improved his blood sugar levels and weaned off some of his medications.

Because of Buckeye, Leroy was given the help he needed to manage his diabetes and ultimately improve his overall health.

David A
Buckeye Medicaid Member

David was homeless and living on the streets in Cleveland. He was disconnected from community health centers that could have been helpful to him. Living on the street led to many admittances into hospitals’ behavioral health departments for cognitive and intellectual difficulties. Buckeye connected with David during one of his hospital visits and began to develop an action plan to meet his needs. Scott, a Buckeye care manager, spent extra time getting to know David; they built a trust, and Scott was able to learn more about David’s past history.

Eventually, Scott helped locate David’s sister in Pennsylvania, whom he hadn’t seen for many years, and the two were reunited. David eventually made his way to his sister’s farm, and she invited him to make it his permanent home.

Because of Buckeye’s assistance, David got the care he needed. Repetitive trips to hospitals came to an end, and David began living with his family, which is now overseeing his needs.

Ron W
Buckeye MyCare Member

Ron was experiencing debilitating health problems, ranging from depression to difficulties seeing. He needed new glasses and new hearing aids, and he was having multiple problems with his feet. At one time, Ron was even on the brink of suicide and was going regularly to a local hospital for help with his health problems.

When he became a Buckeye MyCare member, his care manager, Christy, became his main point of contact. She coordinated with Ron, his doctors and specialists to make sure Ron was getting all his needs met. In addition, she helped Ron move into a facility that offered assisted living—a better living solution for him that provided a high level of independence.

Ron took responsibility for his health care with help from his care manager and he has reported that he is content and happy.

Audrey S
Medicaid Member; Addiction in Pregnancy Program

Audrey enrolled in the Buckeye Addiction in Pregnancy Program in 2014 when she was 24 weeks pregnant. She sought help at a clinic that connected her with Buckeye.

She was then linked to the Buckeye care management team, which offered the support and information she needed to fight through her addiction.

With the help of Buckeye, Audrey delivered a healthy baby at 39 weeks; following delivery, she is living drug free and continuing therapy. Audrey is very grateful for the help she received from Buckeye.

Jim C
MyCare Member

Jim, a 43-year-old Buckeye member, had health problems that ranged from diabetes, a pancreas transplant and gangrene that led to the amputation of both legs and all of his fingers.

Over time and due to his lack of activity, Jim became obese and more difficult to transport, even for basic tasks. Susan, his Buckeye care manager, became instrumental in overseeing a “home modification” request that was given to Jim’s landlord to widen doorways and install safer flooring to allow him to get around in his home. The home modification improvement was completed in the summer of 2015 and Jim is now safer and more self-sufficient thanks to cooperation between all parties and the intervention and follow through by his Buckeye care manager.