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About Wayspring

Wayspring is a data-driven healthcare organization that provides medical, behavioral health, and social support services to people with complex needs. With a focus on people living with substance use disorder, Wayspring utilizes a comprehensive and longitudinal model that incorporates targeted member outreach, strategic provider partnerships, community-based peer support, and delivery of clinical services. Through this unique approach, Wayspring produces increased adherence to evidence-based medicine, decreased healthcare waste, and improved health outcomes.

Buckeye Health Plan, in collaboration with Wayspring, has launched a data-driven SUD Home Program that focuses exclusively on supplementing existing services, filling gaps in care, and meeting the complex physical, behavioral, and social needs of individuals with substance use disorder (SUD).

About the Program

Working in conjunction with Buckeye Health Plan Care Management team, Wayspring’s SUD Home Program provides a structured, personalized support system for individuals with SUD, holistically guiding members through treatment into early recovery and reducing harm along the way.

Wayspring utilizes a comprehensive and longitudinal approach to reduce common barriers that people often experience when seeking treatment for substance use disorder. It has established an integrated health care clinic where participating members can receive quick and easy access to primary care, behavioral health, and addiction treatment services delivered in-person and via telehealth by licensed Wayspring providers. Wayspring employs Ohio-based clinicians to create individualized care plans based on each member’s unique needs and to help members find and stay in SUD treatment. Each member has a dedicated team, which works alongside participating treatment providers, to help coordinate care during critical transitions. The Wayspring team also facilitates connection to community and social supports like housing, transportation, and employment that are essential to reaching and sustaining long-term recovery.

This program is covered by the health plan with no additional charges to Buckeye members.

Community Physicians and Providers

Wayspring partners with outpatient providers in the Buckeye Health Plan network to connect its members to high-quality and easily accessible medical, behavioral health, and specialty care services. Representatives from Wayspring may contact you as a provider of these services to discuss how you will work together.

Inpatient Providers

Wayspring also works with inpatient and residential treatment providers serving Buckeye Health Plan members with an SUD diagnosis. Wayspring will contact you to discuss establishing an arrangement where their team members provide support to your organization for discharge and aftercare planning as patients prepare to transition out of your care.

Prior Authorization Update: Effective immediately, we are no longer requiring a prior authorization for Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) Services CPT code H0040 for the initial 12 months. After 12 months, providers will submit a prior authorization for a medical necessity review.