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Behavioral Health

Buckeye Health Plan Welcomes Cenpatico Behavioral Health Providers.

Effective November 30, 2017, Cenpatico Behavioral Health, LLC (“Cenpatico”) will be assigning its Provider Agreements to Buckeye Health Plan. Cenpatico traditionally contracted with Behavioral Health Providers to provide Behavioral Health specific services. Along with the contracts, the management of certain Behavioral Health functions will also transition from Cenpatico to Buckeye Health Plan. This integration will unite best-in-class services under one name and will provide several benefits to members and providers, including:

  • A fully integrated delivery model for medical and Behavioral Health services, supporting the needs of both members and providers.
  • An enhanced member experience with centralized medical and Behavioral Health services and benefits to provide continuity in care.
  • A streamlined approach to delivering service and support, with a single point of contact and benefits administration for providers.

If you have any questions, please call Provider Relations at 1-866-246-4356 ext. 24291.

If you are a provider and have an urgent need, please email our rapid response inbox at

Members with urgent needs should call Member Services at 1-866-246-4358.

Join our Network:

If you would like to join Buckeye’s network, please click on the following link to access forms and information.

For information on Buckeye Health Plan products for new Behavioral Health providers, please view the video in the "All Products - New Provider Orientation" section of the Provider Training & Webinars page of our website. 

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