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Buckeye HealthConnect™

Buckeye HealthConnect

Where we work, live and play can affect our health. Challenges like access to healthy food, affordable housing, child care, education and living wage jobs can create barriers that drive as much as 80% of health outcomes.

Buckeye Health Connect bridges the gap between community resources and healthcare to improve the quality of life for all Ohioans. Buckeye Health Connect hosts programs and initiatives throughout the year.

The Buckeye HealthConnect van is bringing needed health services to our local communities. Stay tuned more information about the van and how you can request a stop in your neighborhood. 

Buckeye connects members to services and programs to meet their needs, at no cost to them. Our online tool includes thousands of partners that can help with food, work, housing, education, transportation, healthcare, legal assistance and much more. Head to Buckeye Community Connect to search for resources in your zip code. 

Buckeye hosts unique programs, events and outreach efforts to help members overcome health challenges, avoid going to the hospital for emergency care and lead a healthier life. Visit our Community Outreach page to learn more about our BuckeyeServes activities.

Buckeye partners with community organizations to help Ohioans find and maintain work. Our BuckeyeWorks programs give members the tools and resources they need to be job ready, like job fairs, workshops and training.

Access to healthy, affordable food remains a challenge for our communities. Buckeye Fresh! programs and events give our members and the community access to nutritious food that has lasting impacts on health.

Farmers Market days: Buckeye hosts Buckeye Fresh! market days across the State to expose members to healthy food options available in their neighborhood, with the hope that they return to the market to purchase produce consistently.

Healthy Food Rx Program: Buckeye partners with health centers to host Healthy Food Rx programs to increase access and education around healthy food. The Food Rx program supports Buckeye members with health challenges (like hypertension, obesity and diabetes), pregnant women and children with six months of curriculum, provider visits and healthy food.

Watch this video on Youtube capturing members’ eagerness to get healthy at the start of the Lower Lights Healthy Food Rx program. Half way through the program, Member Seana D. lost 21 pounds and Dixie H. lost 14!

Head to our Community Outreach page to learn more about our Buckeye Fresh! activities.