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Did You Know: Your patients are likely to get a flu shot if you recommend it.

You can make a difference! Help your patients get their flu shot.

Take these steps to help protect them from the flu:

  • Make a strong recommendation to your patients to get their flu shot. Research shows that patients are more likely to get a flu shot if their doctor recommends it.
  • Follow-up is important! If your patient did not get the flu shot during their visit, there’s a chance they didn’t get it at all. Talk to your patients about where and when they’ll get their flu shot, and make a note to confirm during their next visit.
  • Talk with your patient about any questions or concerns — and be sure to repeat your strong recommendation. Most people know the flu shot is important. They may just need your reminder!

Learn SHARE:

  • Share reasons to get the flu shot based on their age or other risk factors.
  • Highlight positive experiences with the flu shot to reinforce benefits. 
  • Address concerns about the vaccine, including effectiveness, side effects, safety and misconceptions. Patients are less likely to push back than you may think.
  • Remind patients that the flu shot not only protects them but also everyone around them.
  • Explain that getting the flu can mean taking sick days from work or missing fun with family and friends.

For additional assistance, download this Talking Points (PDF) file.

Healthy Food Rx Partnership

In 2020, Buckeye partnered with Lower Lights Christian Healthcare Center, an FQHC located in urban Columbus, to provide a Healthy Food Rx program for adult Medicaid members who have chronic health conditions (uncontrolled diabetes, hypertension, obesity). The program is focused on providing participants with nutrition education and access to healthy food through Lower Lights’ Jubilee Market. The Food Rx program provides members with six months of curriculum, monthly check-ups with primary care providers and healthy groceries, recipes/cooking demonstrations and sampling.

Goals are to:

  • Reduce health disparities resulting from poor access to healthy, affordable food; and lack of understanding about nutrition, and healthy food preparation.
  • Improve health outcomes among members with uncontrolled diabetes, hypertension and obesity by increasing healthy, nutritious food in their diets.
  • Increase awareness, understanding and adoption of healthy food purchasing, preparation and eating habits.

How Does the Partnership Work?

  • Buckeye provided a grant in June 2020 to fund the Healthy Food Rx program with Lower Lights Christian Health Care Center
  • The six-month program helps 21 Buckeye members develop healthy eating habits that will remain with them for years to come.
  • Each month, medical and nutritional staff provide education and encouragement to members to make healthy choices.
  • Members receive a $60 grocery prescription card each month to use at Lower Lights’ Jubilee Market and Cafe for fresh produce, grains, legumes and other healthy foods. In addition, they get help from a dietitian, receive a $15 monthly meal kit and easy-to-prepare recipes, as well as attend educational workshops, food tastings and cooking demonstrations.

Initial Program Outcomes through October 2020

  • 21 active members participating
  • Members reported significant weight loss
    • Seana D. lost 21 pounds in 3 months
    • Dixie H. lost 14 pounds in 3 months
  • Members said that they enjoy the monthly meal kits that includes easy-to-make recipes and fresh ingredients.
  • Members noted that monthly dietician appointments helped lower their intake of: 
    • Salt
    • Sugar
    • Processed foods
  • Members Darren D. and Sam L. noted that they enjoyed cooking healthy recipes with their children and encouraging them to make healthier choices

A Video journal documents the progress and perceptions of participating members

Breast cancer is the second most common cause of cancer-related death for Ohio women. But when it’s detected early, most breast cancer can be treated successfully. As part of Buckeye Health Plan’s commitment to improving the health of the community, one person at a time, we’re encouraging all women age 45+ to protect themselves through regular mammograms.

Buckeye helps make it easier

We help our members with no-cost transportation to and from their mammogram — and this is an extra benefit that doesn’t count toward their annual transportation benefit. Plus, Buckeye members ages 50-74 can earn $75 in reward dollars just for getting their mammogram.

NOTE: Providers enrolled in our P4P program get rewarded, too! $10 for every patient who completes their mammogram.  If you are interested in enrolling in our P4P program call 866-296-8731 to find out more today!

Mammogram Infographic for Patiemts (PDF)


The Diabetes Self-Management  Education Program (DSME) is now covered by Buckeye Health Plan for Medicaid members. This program can create positive changes in health behaviors and improve diabetes-related outcomes. 

Diabetes Self-Management Education Program (PDF)