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Special Announcements

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Updated on August 31, 2021

To all our valued Buckeye Providers:

We are  honored to announce that the Ohio Department of Medicaid (ODM) has awarded Buckeye Health Plan a statewide Medicaid managed care contract that will begin July 1, 2022. Our current contract remains in place throughout the transition.

Thank you for your patience and support as Buckeye completed the state’s reprocurement process.  Our demonstrated past success, high-quality services, and forward looking new programs and enhancements earned Buckeye the second highest score among competing managed care plans in ODM’s contract bid.  Buckeye looks forward to continuing to work alongside you to remove barriers and enhance access to high-quality healthcare, coordinated services, programs and benefits.

To fulfill ODM’s vision for a Next Generation approach to managed care, in the new contract Buckeye will roll-out an exciting, innovative new platform called Buckeye Care Compass. We will use new technologies and leverage local programs in partnership with our providers and community agency partners to meet members’ unique healthcare needs while addressing their social risk factors.  It will allow us to surround and support our members with highly tailored approaches to help them get well, be well and stay well.  I look forward to sharing more as we move deeper into planning and implementation with ODM.

Buckeye is honored to have served the needs of Ohio’s most vulnerable populations for more than 16 years.  Since 2004, Buckeye has been committed to our Vision to transform the health of the community, one person at a time. Our relationship with you is central to our success.  There is much to build upon and we are eager to bring even greater service, value, collaboration and innovation to our partnership with you.

To all our valued Buckeye Providers:

You are the leaders Ohio needs to push us past the threat of COVID and we want to support you in getting your Medicaid and MyCare patients vaccinated.

Buckeye is working with all Ohio Managed Care Plans (MCPs) and the Ohio Department of Medicaid (ODM) to get 900,000 Medicaid members vaccinated this summer. As of May 24, 45% of Ohioans overall had been vaccinated, but for Medicaid recipients it was only 22%. Medicaid members can experience challenges in getting their vaccine.

To make the vaccine widely available and as convenient as possible for members, we are partnering with county health departments, creating small and large events around the State and working with multiple pharmacy chains to encourage proper education and walk-in vaccinations. We want to provide you with tools you need to encourage your patients to receive their vaccination in your office.

Please review your records to identify Ohio Medicaid and MyCare Ohio members who have not yet been vaccinated.  Reach out to them over the next four weeks via phone, text or email to remind them to get their COVID vaccination.  We have developed frequently asked questions outreach scripts to guide the conversation about the vaccine between you and your patient. You will find them on our Provider COVID-19 Website Page.

Incentivizing Members

Ohio MCPs have implemented a member incentive for those who get vaccinated. Between June 15 and September 15, 2021, all Ohio Medicaid and MyCare members aged 18 and older who receive their first dose (or single dose of Johnson & Johnson) of the COVID-19 vaccine will receive a $100 incentive. For members who receive their vaccination from their provider, they will receive $100 through the MyHealth Pays. See the flier on our website for more details and download it to share with your patients. 

Incentivizing Providers

Ohio MCPs have also increased the reimbursement for the administration of the vaccine from $38 to $100 for the first or single dose vaccination. Please refer to our Provider Alerts sent to you on June 14 and July 1 for more details or you will find them on our Provider Alert Page of our website. 

Please reach out to us or any of your health plan contacts to share thoughts or information that can help Ohio reach the high vaccination rate that we need. You can also reach out to Provider Services at 866.296.8731.

Thank you for partnering with Buckeye.