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Pregnancy & Prenatal Information

Prenatal Risk Assessment Form (PRAF)

A complete PRAF helps Moms receive the best support for a healthy pregnancy

(You can download this PRAF information (PDF) if needed.)

Provider Benefits of submitting a PRAF

The electronic PRAF 2.0 has multiple benefits with one, simple submission:

  • Automatically notifies the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services County Office, Managed Care Plan, and Home Health Care provider of the pregnancy, need for progesterone and any other need indicated on the form.
  • Allows for an Ohio Board of Pharmacy approved Progesterone prescription to be printed and faxed to the appropriate pharmacy.
  • Allows provider staff updates by multiple users prior to submission.
  • Maintains a pregnant woman’s Medicaid eligibility without disruption in coverage-equating to prompt provider payment for services throughout mom’s pregnancy.

Payment for Completing the PRAF

After completing the PRAF, submit a claim based on the guidelines below

Guidelines effective July 1, 2021

Code + modifier  Description Fee Schedule Amount*
H1000 TH

Electronic PRAF submission



Paper/Faxed version


*Providers contracted rate would be applied to the fee schedule amount to determine final payment. Health Plans will pay no additional incentives for PRAF submissions.  

Note: The following codes are terminated as of June 30, 2021: 59899 U1, 59899 U2 and 59899 U3.

Ensuring Prompt Care

Every pregnant woman with Medicaid coverage should be linked to needed services on her very first prenatal visit. An online PRAF 2.0 submission ensures:

  • Medicaid coverage for Mom and baby without disruption through the immediate post-partum period.
  • Serves as pregnancy notification to managed care plans and initiation of timely health care and connection to added resources, like care management, important for at-risk pregnancies.


Submitting the PRAF 2.0 using NurtureOhio is Easy!

  1. Open the NurtureOhio website to access the PRAF at 
  2. Instructions can be found at Medicaid.Ohio.Gov/Provider/PRAF 
  3. Users must be registered in the Medicaid Information Technology System (MITS). For username or password issues go to
  4. Difficulties with NurtureOhio, email:

Questions? Contact Provider Services at: 866.296.8731