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Pregnancy & Prenatal Information

Prenatal Risk Assessment Form (PRAF) Overview/Checklist

A complete PRAF helps Moms receive the best support for a healthy pregnancy

As you know, it’s important to ensure pregnant moms maintain Medicaid eligibility throughout pregnancy and during the immediate post-partum period. Buckeye is dedicated to helping our providers with the tools they need to make their job easier. Download our new PRAF Overview/Checklist (PDF).


Complete the PRAF 2.0 via the ODM PRAF website. This form will ensure your patient maintains insurance coverage during their pregnancy and allows providers to easily order progesterone. Please review the Web-Based Risk Assessment Form PRAF 2.0 Information link for instructions on how to access the Nurture Website. You will find a provider manual and YouTube instructional video.

Submission of Buckeye’s Notficiation of Pregnancy (NOP) (PDF) will allow us to review any risks or barriers your patient may have during their pregnancy. NOP's can be submitted through our Provider Portal.

The first NOP is reimbursed at different values depending on when it is received:

  • First trimester- 59899 U1- $75
  • Second trimester- 59899 U2- $50
  • Third trimester- 59899 U3- $25
    • A second and third NOP can be reimbursed at $25 regardless of the trimester

Please see the Pregnancy Notification Reimbursement Letter (PDF) for more information. 

If your patient gives birth, please alert Buckeye by submitting the Pregnancy Event Form (PDF).