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Buckeye Community Connect

Welcome to Buckeye Community Connect, our go-to resource for local services and resources that meet our members’ needs.

Search for community-based organizations that can help with food, housing, transportation, jobs and more! Buckeye can also connect members with our network of thousands of community partners throughout the state who can provide additional resources and support. 

To search for local programs, all you need to do is enter your zip code below. Please note that by clicking this link, you will be taken to a new Web page not hosted by Buckeye. 

New Option: To better support the needs of our members, we’ve added a Social Needs Survey. This survey walks you through a list of possible needs you may be facing. Once submitted, it creates a list of available resources based on your Survey results. You will find this optional Survey here.


Community Outreach

Buckeye provides access to quality healthcare for Ohio. This means medical, pharmacy, dental and vision care as well as mental health services. And because we believe in taking a “whole person” approach to healthcare, we also support community agency partner programs and activities that help members overcome barriers to good health. So, if you need help with food, housing, jobs, education, childcare or other needs, Buckeye has resources for you. We have a team of community relations folks who constantly seek out opportunities to be of service to Ohioans in need.

Visit our webpage to learn more about the power and purpose of Buckeye’s community outreach.