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HPV Vaccine in Pre-teens/Teens is Essential

The Data Is In!!!!!

HPV vaccine in pre-teens/teens is essential.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends routine HPV vaccination for females and males. The AAP recommends starting the series between 9 and 12 years, at an age that the provider deems optimal for acceptance and completion of the vaccination series.

HPV vaccine has an outstanding safety profile

It is our responsibility as health providers to ensure that our families have the information they seek regarding this vaccine and its safety profile.

It is reported in “Trends in Reasons for Human Papillomavirus Vaccine Hesitancy: 2010-2020,” (Adjei Boakye E, et al. Pediatrics. May 23, 2023) that parents express more hesitancy now related to concerns for safety than previously.

Many experts attribute this increased hesitancy to social media anti-vaccine campaigns.

We know that amid all the current health mandates providers have much to discuss with families, but please be sure that you support and remind parents of the need for both the initial vaccine and the booster 5 months after the initial vaccine.

Buckeye Health Plan is partnering with you in this effort and we stand ready to remind families of this medical need and support you as you educate your patients regarding the HPV vaccine.