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Wellframe Care App wellframe

Wellframe and Buckeye Health Plan

Buckeye Health Plan is pleased to present Wellframe, a mobile app at no cost to you that supports you in being your healthiest self. As a Buckeye Health Plan member, you can connect to your Buckeye Health Plan healthcare team right from your smartphone or tablet.

With Wellframe, access to health support is even easier:

  • Send a mobile message at a time that works for you to connect with your Buckeye Health Plan healthcare team
  • Keep track of upcoming appointments, receive guidance to manage your health, and get answers to any questions you have
  • Access articles, videos, and other health resources with information for your health needs

And you can do this all when it’s convenient for you, right through the safe and secure app!

Want to sign up? It’s simple:

  1. Search Wellframe in the App Store or Google Play* or use QR Code below:

  2. Download the Wellframe app and select Create My Account.
  3. Enter your access code: See program description below for access code

Learn more about Wellframe

*Restrictions and limitations may apply.

Take a further look into how Wellframe can make your health journey easier:

Buckeye Health Plan wants you to feel supported every step of your pregnancy journey. Your Buckeye Health Plan nurse can answer questions about your pregnancy or help you find extra resources. The Wellframe app includes a checklist with daily tips and advice to help you and your baby stay healthy. You’ll know just what to do and feel better supported throughout your pregnancy.


We know staying healthy is a process and it can get difficult over time. Wellframe offers a program designed for your individual health needs. With Wellframe, you’ll know what to do each day, and your Buckeye Health Plan care team will be there to help along the way. You can send a private message to your care team with questions when it’s convenient for you.


Your Buckeye Health Plan care team can answer questions about how to manage your mental health. With Wellframe, you can send private and secure messages to your care team at any time. Your care program is designed for your individual health needs. You can access health support right at your fingertips when you need it most.