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Managing Your Diabetes

Diabetes affects more than 1 in 10 Ohioans. And, as many as 1 in 4 people may have the disease and not even know it. As your guide to better health, Buckeye gives you the tools and resources to detect and manage diabetes.

When you make your diabetes care a priority by completing your well visit and annual comprehensive diabetes care screenings (HbA1c test, kidney screening and retinopathy screening) you will get $175 in My Health Pays rewards.

What is diabetes?

  • Diabetes occurs when the pancreas can no longer make enough insulin to control blood sugar.
  • It’s most commonly from an autoimmune response (type 1), or an inability of cells to respond to insulin correctly (type 2).
  • Type 2 diabetes is the most common form of diabetes, accounting for 90-95 percent of cases1.
  • According to the American Diabetes Association, someone is diagnosed with diabetes every 21 seconds in the U.S.

1Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Type 2 Diabetes. Retrieved September 13, 2019.


Watch this video from Buckeye’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Brad Lucas to learn more about diabetes.

Learn the signs

Some individuals with type 2 diabetes have symptoms so mild that they go unnoticed. Following are the most common symptoms of diabetes:

  • Increased thirst
  • Frequent urination
  • Increased hunger
  • Weight loss
  • Fatigue
  • Blurry vision
  • Cuts/bruises that are slow to heal
  • Tingling, pain or numbness in the hands/feet


Buckeye educates Ohioans on the importance of detecting and managing diabetes. Watch this video to learn more.

Buckeye helps you manage diabetes

Buckeye’s care management program helps members with diabetes by:

  • Providing frequent check-ins with members to be sure they are sticking to their medical plans
  • Providing guidance around doctor appointments and directions for care
  • Arranging Buckeye transportation to and from doctor appointments if needed
  • Becoming a Buckeye member’s support team and cheerleader, helping every member achieve their health goals

Buckeye also offers the national Diabetes Empowerment Education Program (DEEP) curriculum to members living with diabetes and prediabetes. This six-week course helps participants understand the disease, prevent complications, improve eating habits and relationships with healthcare providers and more.

Talk to your care manager or call member services at 866-246-4358 to join these free programs today.

Keep your diabetes in check! (PDF)


Watch this video to learn about Buckeye’s diabetes management program.

Ways to prevent the disease

  • Diabetes is a condition related to blood sugar, but eating sugar doesn’t cause diabetes. However, those who are overweight can develop resistance to sugar and may need to cut down on the amount of refined sugars consumed.
  • Diabetes risk can be reduced by:
    • Eating a healthy, balanced diet
    • Exercising
    • Losing weight — Losing five-to-10 percent of body weight can significantly reduce the risk of diabetes1
    • Limiting or avoiding tobacco and alcohol
    • Reducing stress

 1John Hopkins Medicine. Diabetes. Retrieved October 7, 2019

Stay up-to-date on your appointments

Getting your annual well visit can help detect serious diseases like diabetes and can help you manage the condition. Have you had your visit this year? Buckeye members can earn $75 in My Health Pays®  rewards for completing their well visit. And, you get $100 for completing your annual comprehensive diabetes care (HbA1c test, kidney screening and retinopathy screening).

Need a ride to the doctor’s office? Call Buckeye Member Services at 866-246-4358 at least 48 hours in advance to schedule one at no cost to you.

See the doctor from the comfort of your own home. Schedule a telehealth visit at no-cost to you. Click here to learn more about telehealth