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Preventative Care Can Save Lives 

Well care visits and screenings find health concerns early when chances for treatment and cure are better. As your guide to better health, Buckeye Health Plan encourages you to schedule a well care visit once a year and screenings as directed by your doctor.

Buckeye Covers Health Screenings At No Cost To You!

Six in ten adults have a chronic health condition, like diabetes, heart disease or cancer. Many of these conditions are preventable through annual well care visits and screenings. 

Know the difference between a sports physical and annual wellness visit for your children

A sports physical is not the same as your child’s annual well visit with their doctor. A sports physical makes sure your child is healthy enough to play a specific sport. An annual well visit with your child’s doctor reviews their overall well-being including physical, mental & social health. Schedule at the same appointment!

Plus earn $75 in MyHealthPays® rewards for your child’s annual well visit!


Stay up to date on cancer screenings

Screenings can find cancers early when chances of treatment and survival are high. Some screenings are needed for others who are at higher risk or at certain ages. Talk to your doctor about screenings for:

  • Breast Cancer
  • Cervical Cancer
  • Colorectal (Colon) Cancer Screenings
  • Lung Cancer

Learn more about which cancer screenings earn you MyHealthPays® rewards!

Prevent and protect against serious illness. Stay up to date on vaccinations!

Vaccines are a safe and convenient way to protect against serious illness. They offer protection in various ways that help your body remember how to fight specific infections. It normally takes up to a few weeks after you receive a vaccine for the body to build up protection. Head to the CDC website to make sure you and your child are up to date on recommended routine vaccines such as:

  • Hepatitis
  • DTap
  • Rotavirus
  • HPV
  • Influenza
  • COVID-19

Earn $25 in MyHealthPays® rewards for getting an annual flu vaccine!

Good dental care gives your family a reason to smile

Good oral health leads to good overall health and wellbeing. Seeing the dentist regularly helps identify and stop tooth and gum problems before they become bigger health issues. Buckeye makes it easier for your family to take care of their oral health with:

  • Two free oral exams and teeth cleanings per year. To find a dentist near you, visit Buckeye’s Find a Doctor tool or call Buckeye Member Services at 1-866-246-4358.
  • Free transportation to and from your appointment. Schedule a free ride to and from a dental appointment by calling 866-531-0615 at least 48 hours in advance.

Earn $25 In My Health Pays® Rewards After Your First Visit!


Get rewarded for focusing on your health

Buckeye’s My Health Pays® program rewards you for completing well care visits and screenings. You can spend rewards on rent, utilities and more.

Members earn:

  • $75 reward for an annual well care visit (ages 3 and up)
  • $75 for an annual breast cancer screening (females ages 50 to 74)
  • $75 for an annual cervical cancer screening (females ages 21 to 64)
  • $100 for annual comprehensive diabetes care. Must complete each of the following annually: kidney screening, HbA1c test and retinopathy screening (dilated eye exam).

Learn more about MyHealthPays® rewards.

Buckeye member holding bag of groceries and rewards card 

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