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Provider Notices

provider notice

Provider Notices are sent when we have specific notices from ODM, CMS or Buckeye operations/policies that you need to know, but can’t wait for the newsletter.

Prenatal Risk Assessment Form (PRAF) Overview/Checklist

A complete PRAF helps Moms receive the best support for a healthy pregnancy

As you know, it’s important to ensure pregnant moms maintain Medicaid eligibility throughout pregnancy and during the immediate post-partum period. Buckeye is dedicated to helping our providers with the tools they need to make their job easier. Download our new PRAF Overview/Checklist.

Prior Authorization Changes – Preferred Biosimilar Changes Effective 11-21-2020

On November 21, 2020, the following changes will take effect.

Epoetin alfa-epbx, Retacrit, Q5105 and Q5106 will be the preferred erythropoiesis-stimulating agent (ESA) for new and continuation therapy. 

This change effects the following site of care settings: provider-administered, outpatient hospital or ambulatory care center. Please see the announcement for full details