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Taking Care of Your Health Just Got Easier

Telehealth Makes Taking Care of Your Health Easier

Did you know that Buckeye covers telehealth virtual visits at no cost to you? Telehealth allows you to see a doctor from anywhere – by using a computer, tablet or phone. Your doctor can answer questions, give a diagnosis and develop a treatment plan that will help you get healthy and stay healthy.

Don’t wait. Schedule your Telehealth Virtual Visit Today!

To schedule a telehealth visit, login to your doctor’s patient portal, call their office or call Buckeye’s member services at 1-866-246-4358 for more information today.

As your guide to better health, Buckeye created easy to understand resources to explain how telehealth can help you:

Schedule your Annual Well Visit with Telehealth

Are you due for your annual well visit? These important visits help find problems before they start or early on when the chances for treatment and cure are better. You now have the option of getting your annual well visit virtually with telehealth at no cost to you! 

Get Rewarded - Earn $50!

Buckeye members earn $50 in rewards to spend on things they need at Walmart® or Sam’s Club® or on rent, utilities and more — just for getting their well visit each year. 

Staying Up-to-date on Appointments is Important

Did you know that six in ten adults have a chronic health condition, like heart disease, cancer, lung disease or diabetes? Many diseases are preventable through annual well visits.

Well visits:

  • Detect health challenges early when they are easier to treat
  • Check health risk factors, like blood pressure and cholesterol, and get you treatment if needed 
  • Help you manage your health conditions
  • Get you the right vaccinations to help prevent some diseases