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Waiver Provider Signature Requirement: Ohio Department of Aging (ODA) and Ohio Department of Medicaid (ODM)

Date: 10/22/18

As of 12/31/18, waiver service providers for the Assisted Living, MyCare, Ohio Home Care and PASSPORT waivers are required to sign the individual’s person-centered service plan (service plan). This change meets the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ (CMS) 42 CFR 441.301 rule requiring the service plan “be finalized and agreed to, with the informed consent of the individual, in writing, and by all people and providers responsible for its implementation.”

The provider’s signature shows that the provider acknowledges and agrees to provide the waiver service, as authorized in the waiver service plan. Providers may sign the service plan in person, electronically, by mail, etc. The signed service plan must be returned by the provider to the case management agency, PASSPORT administrative agency, or managed care health plan authorizing the service.

A signature is required when a new service is authorized, an existing service authorization is adjusted and anticipated to continue for the duration of the service plan or a new service plan has been issued. Only the provider affected by the change needs to provide a signature.

The process will vary depending on the waiver. As ODM and ODA finalize implementation plans for this process, additional guidance will be shared. For general questions about the waiver signature requirement, please send questions to Please contact the case management agency, PASSPORT administrative agency, or health plan for specific process questions.

Also, please note: this process is separate from Electronic Visit Verification (EVV). For any questions regarding EVV, please email