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What is EVV (Electronic Visit Verification)?

Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) is used by caregivers for some home and community based services to document the time services begin and end. The Ohio Department of Medicaid provides an EVV system at no cost to all providers. Agency providers may choose to use an alternate EVV system.

EVV is a system that captures the following visit details:

  • Identity of the direct caregiver.
  • Identity of the individual receiving services.
  • Service(s) rendered.
  • Location where service is rendered.
  • Start/stop times of service. 

There are 3 ways to capture a visit:

  1. Mobile app: An application on a Sandata- provided device or a device owned by the caregiver or provider. This is the preferred option.
  2. Telephony: Uses a dedicated phone line providers call into from any phone.
  3. Manual visit entry: Uses a computer to directly enter a visit into the EVV system.

Getting Started Checklist – Providers using Sandata system

Complete EVV Training:

  • Receive email with credentials to sign into Sandata eTRAC website.
  • Sign in and download your unique Sandata Welcome Kit.
  • Log into EVV Portal.
  • Set up correct individuals, services, employees, etc., as applicable in EVV Portal.
  • Start capturing visits when providing services to individuals.

Agency providers using an Alternate EVV system may require a different Getting Started process.

See the Alt EVV Enhancements and August 30 webinar below.

What does EVV mean for agency and non-agency providers?

  • ODM is providing the Sandata EVV system at no cost to providers or individuals receiving services.
    • Non-agency providers must use the Sandata system.
    • Agency providers can choose to use the Sandata system or a certified alternative EVV system. Alternative EVV systems must comply with all technical specifications and business rules and complete a certification process with Sandata before going into production. Neither ODM nor Sandata are responsible for any costs related to the development, certification or use of an alternate EVV system.
  • The claims submission process will not change due to the implementation of EVV.

Notice to Alternate (Alt) EVV Agency Providers and Alt EVV Vendors: Upcoming Enhancements to the Alt EVV Technical Specifications and Webinar

For Alt EVV vendors and agency providers who are or plan to use an Alt EVV system to capture EVV-eligible services, please read this important update.

Sandata and ODM have completed a comprehensive review of the Alt EVV Technical Specifications for the Ohio EVV program to ensure that the Ohio Alt EVV interface and supporting documentation are clear to Alt EVV vendors and providers. The review has been ongoing this year in preparation for the Next Generation Managed Care program that will add three new MCOs to the interface later this year. The initial changes that resulted from the review were covered in the Alt EVV Update and Future Changes webinar presented in April 2022.

The final changes to the technical specifications will be posted at the end of August 2022. The changes will include:

  1. Informational changes, such as updating warning message text; and
  2. Technical changes that may result in rejections of Alt EVV visits.

Sandata and ODM are hosting a webinar to review the upcoming changes to the Alt EVV technical specifications next month, so you are prepared. Please register for the webinar:

Webinar Title: Alternate EVV Technical Enhancements    

Date/Time: Aug. 30, 1:30-3:00 p.m. EST    

The webinar will cover:

  • Background on Alt EVV in Ohio
  • Alt EVV technical integration enhancements
  • Next Generation Managed Care and its impact to Alt EVV
  • Timeline of the technical changes
  • Next steps review and time for questions

We look forward to sharing additional details at the end of August. If you have any questions, please reach out to

Access and Inclusion and Reasonable Accommodation

ODM is committed to providing access and inclusion and reasonable accommodation in its services, activities, programs, and employment opportunities in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and other applicable laws.

To request a reasonable accommodation due to a disability, please contact ODM’s ADA coordinator at 614-995- 9981/TTY 711, fax 1-614-644-1434, or email: at least three business days prior to the scheduled webinar or office hours. Further information can be found here: Notice of Nondiscrimination.