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Encouraging Flu Shots

Did You Know: Your patients are likely to get a flu shot if you recommend it.

Flu prevention is more important than ever. We ask that our providers share the importance of protection against influenza with patients and strongly recommend they receive their annual flu shot.

In recent years, an evidenced rise in vaccine hesitancy can be contributed to increased social sharing of common myths around vaccinations. We are asking our providers to discuss some of these during office visits to help dispel misinformation.

One such pervasive falsehood is: the influenza vaccination will give the recipient the flu. Buckeye is educating members around the need reduce their risk and to slow the spread of the flu by receiving their annual shot. One of our items in our campaign addresses these actions. You can download this material to share with patients.

Additionally, you can access our Fluvention Campaign on our website that shares ways members can protect themselves and download a list of Talking Points to assist in talking with your patients.