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Virtual Visits

Taking care of your health just got easier. 

Schedule a Convenient Virtual Well Visit Now - at NO COST TO YOU! (855) 230-5666

We know it can be hard to get to the doctor, and you may be putting it off because of COVID-19 concerns. Now eligible members have the option of getting their annual well visit from the comfort of your own home virtually — through a computer, tablet or phone — at no cost to them! Plus, Buckeye members earn $50 in rewards to spend on things they need at Walmart® or Sam’s Club® or on rent, utilities and more — just for getting their well visit each year. 

See a doctor from anywhere

A virtual health visit, or what is sometimes called telehealth, connects you with a doctor to get the care you need from your phone, computer or tablet. If you don’t have internet access, you can talk to a doctor on the phone. It’s safe, private and convenient — and no cost to you!

Scheduling Made Easy

Don’t let another year go by without your annual well visit.  Call (855) 230-5666 to schedule a virtual well visit today. You can also call Buckeye Member Services at 1-866-246-4358 (TTY: 711) with questions.

Annual well visits help keep you healthy

It’s important to see the doctor every year for a well visit. Here’s why:

  • Help prevent disease and find it early when it’s easier to treat
  • Check health risk factors, like blood pressure and cholesterol, and get you treatment if needed 
  • Help you with chronic diseases, like diabetes and heart conditions
  • Get you the right vaccines to help prevent some diseases 

About USMM [U.S. Medical Management]

Buckeye has partnered with USMM to offer you comprehensive care via telehealth and in home visits, leveraging their network of Primary Care Providers (PCP).